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Cancer Wellness & Reiki: Success Tips for Patients & Practitioners

by koku_jin
One of my Reiki students’ enthusiasm and dedication to Reiki practice are contagious, and she carries the practice with grace and professionalism. I was organizing the Reiki Room and a talk for the Cancer Wellness Expo when she asked for mentoring how to introduce Reiki at her corporate workplace. So even though she’d been practicing for barely six months, I invited her to offer Reiki chair treatment at the Cancer Wellness Expo. And she did! The Cancer Wellness Expo was a huge success and the Reiki Room was too. Participants rated their Reiki experience high among many valuable offerings, and asked for […]

22 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

by koku_jin
Last week we discussed the nature of sleep and why it’s so important that you get enough of it. If you’ve had trouble falling asleep for years, the information may have made you feel more frustrated than inspired. Fear not! Today we’ll take a look at a wide range of tips for slumbering soundly, night after night. If you’ve been getting okay sleep, my goal is that you’ll find a tip that can help you make it much better. Before we begin, the important thing to understand is that getting a good night’s sleep is an all-day affair. How you […]