Again with the species tulips

T. dasystemon Yes, every year is the same; I go on and on about these understated members of a show-off plant group. The fact is, I still don’t see these used enough.  They come up about the same time as daffodils (most of them) and provide reliable spring color at a time it’s needed most. […]

How to Build a Training Community

Whether you’re just starting off in the fitness industry or you’re like me and you’ve been around for decades, we are always striving to build our community and keep our current members. For some of you, this may not be a problem. You may have an influx of clients and business never seems to slow […]

3 Good Habits That Will Change Your Life [Expert Interviews]

They say that habits determine 95% of a person’s behavior. Some of these are good habits. And some of them are bad. After studying the matter for more than 30 years, I have realized that most successful people share a common mindfulness. They are mindful of their habits and have established daily routines that influence […]

Burned Out? These Professional Retreats Can Help You Re-Center

If you’re feeling tired, stressed, frazzled — how is it that even a long weekend somehow still isn’t enough? — you are not alone. Millennials, also referred to as the “burnout generation,” report symptoms of exhaustion at higher rates than previous generations. In fact, nearly three in ten are “very often or always burned out” […]