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FPLbravehearts FPL Strategy Guide

by koku_jin
This guide was written by Norman (@FPLbraveheart). Norman is ranked inside the top 200 FPL managers of all time. Here, he shares his approach on not only how to play FPL, but how to win! Norman explains how he sets up his team and how he picks players. As wll as a wealth of general strategy advice, you’ll get the inside scoop on transfers, captains and chip usage. There is a wealth of information here from one of the games most consistent performers. If you like this guide, please show your appreciation to Norman by leaving a comment or sharing. […]

When opportunity knocks, grab your chance

by koku_jin
As Marble LDN reaches its sixth birthday we’ve been reflecting on what has been the biggest year for the business so far, and how the preparation in the early stages of our growth enabled us to flexibly scale up our small business to be able to jump on these big opportunities when they came knocking.  We recently delivered a game changing project, the type that validates and fulfills the very reason we created our business. This huge event delivered for us in many ways: recognition within our industry, financial stability, growth (both within the events industry and within our core […]

The Productivity Killer: Fundamentals For Fighting Makeshift Marketing With Libby Hall From Unearth [AMP 142]

by koku_jin
CoSchedule surveyed more than 3,000 marketers, and the results are in! Marketers want to publish more, complete everything on time, and prove their value to stakeholders. So, why do some marketers still use single-function tools, multiple platforms, and spreadsheets? These workarounds strangle your productivity and prevent you from reaching your goals. How can you overcome the madness of makeshift marketing? Today’s guest is Libby Hall, vice president of client services at Unearth, a digital public affairs agency. Libby describes how she found success despite makeshift marketing and shares suggestions on team development and project management. [podcast_motor_player] Some of the highlights […]

Getting SMART with Your Sales Goals

by personal development journalist
Achieve Results by Setting the Right Sales Goals Sales is all about achieving results, but how are you going to get there? Reaching a destination requires directions, and achieving results requires goal-setting. After all, how can you track your progress or celebrate success if you don’t know what you are hoping to accomplish? Goal setting improves performance: One 2015 study by psychologist Gail Matthews at Dominican University revealed that participants who actually wrote down their goals performed 33% better than those who did not. The world of psychology is filled with similar findings which emphasize the connection between goals and […]