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How to Set the Perfect Goal

by koku_jin
Last post we discussed the criteria that for goals that cause you to change your behavior enough to attain them.  I promised that in this post I would share what makes a goal “perfect” – one that you want to achieve, you can achieve, and it transforms your life for the better.  You might have heard about my Author Apprentice platform.  It’s a one-year mentoring where I’m coaching the participants on writing an extraordinary book.  The first module involves creating the concept and the Table of Contents (TOC).  That tells us what the book is going to be about and […]

5 Ways to Light the Fire Inside You | Day 12 of 90

by koku_jin
When I first set out to take this journey, it was purely for myself. Then a few close friends said they were going to embark on their own versions. Some wanted to include more meditations. Some wanted to burn off the post baby weight. Some wanted to write songs everyday. Some wanted to finally get their lives under control. It is crazy how infectious motivation can be. I’ve been seeing a good amount of you guys starting your own 90 day journeys too! That’s so cool. For anyone who hasn’t caught the bug yet, but wants to – here are […]