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How To Build High-Quality Backlinks By Spying on Your Competitors?

by koku_jin
In this post, I’ll teach you how to extract your competitors backlinks. It’s a simple process that allows you to mine for the link profile of other sites. However, the biggest challenge is knowing what to do with your competitor backlinks. But don’t fret – we will detail everything about this SEO process. Let’s start, shall we? Table of Contents 1. Why Keep Track of Competitor Backlinks? 2. How to Track The Backlinks of Your Competitors? 3. What to do with Competitors Backlink Data? 3.1. Identify your Competitor’s Best Backlinks and Acquire Them 3.2. Check Where Competitors Publish Guests Posts […]

SMXcast: Tactics to improve your YouTube video ad performance

by koku_jin
For search marketers, YouTube offers access to 1.9 billion logged-in global users per month, making it the second largest search engine. And, Google reports that advertisers buying YouTube video ads in addition to search ads see, on average, 8% higher search conversion volume, 3% higher search conversion rates and 4% lower search CPAs (compared to advertisers who only run search ads). However, YouTube’s automated bidding algorithm isn’t right for everyone. At SMX Advanced, Ashley Mo, regional director for 3Q Digital, discussed a few intelligent tactics that can improve your video campaign performance. Listen to her full Insights session below and […]

Pinterest Management Services: Eight Ways to Sell on Pinterest in 2019

by koku_jin
For the last few months I’ve been searching for furniture and home decor ideas for my new home. Not as a Pinterest Management Services expert but as a everyday consumer. I couldn’t believe how many stores have completely abandoned their Pinterest account. For example, as I was saving images from Restoration Hardware about pieces that I wanted to purchase I noticed that they had a verified account but no images. Nada! As you can see in the image above they have over 80K followers with 5.5 million monthly viewers. How is that even possible if they haven’t pinned (meaning saved) […]