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4 Ways to Prepare in Case of a Financial Emergency

by koku_jin
Nobody plans to lose a job or fall ill. But you can plan for unexpected events so they don’t topple your finances. 4 Ways to Prepare for a Financial Emergency Here’s what to do to prepare for a financial emergency so a sudden loss in income doesn’t bring you down. 1. Create an Emergency Fund Read and memorize: “A proactive move everyone should make to protect themselves from income loss, is [to] start an emergency fund with a goal of having six months of living expenses set aside,” said Ariel Ward, a financial adviser with Abacus Wealth Partners. Having a […]

Are You Ready for a Credit Card? These 4 Questions Will Help You Decide

by koku_jin
Credit cards: Good or evil? Whether you’ve shunned credit cards in the past for fear of diving into a debt oblivion or you can’t wait to score some sweet plastic freedom — and the accompanying perks — deciding to get your first credit card is a big decision. Or at least, it should be, according to Todd Christensen, an Accredited Financial Counselor and education manager with MoneyFit.org.   “I always recommend people understand they need to be ready for credit before they just go out and apply,” he said. “I’m not a fan of credit for credit’s sake.” The Credit […]