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Need Advice Setting Up Wifi Network for 40 Active Users

by koku_jin
Hi guys, I've been having hard time getting 40 active users on a WiFi Network to work well. So the goal is to get all of these users to connect to a single local server and run a web-based e-learning application smoothly. My current setup is like this: All of the wifi routers is a consumer-grade Wifi router, the ones typically used at home or small office. (Like one of those 20-30$ routers). ROUTER 1 is connected to the server through LAN cable. ROUTER 2&3 are connected to ROUTER 1 through LAN cable as well. Users are split evenly amongst […]

Popular VPN/mtu settings seem backwards to me – Where do I have this wrong?

by koku_jin
I must be misunderstanding how to use mtu with VPN's. At this point, I am focused on a UDP VPN with UDP traffic inside of it. I recognize the man page says: –link-mtu n Sets an upper bound on the size of UDP packets which are sent between OpenVPN peers. It's best not to set this parameter unless you know what you're doing. I'm not hoping for answers of "do what everyone else does, use fragment and mssfix". I'm instead hoping for "know what you're doing" knowledge. There's: link-mtu : The maximum packet size ignoring the tunnel, including VPN overhead […]