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If You’re Trying To Save Money, You’ll Love These 39 Products Under-$20 On Amazon With Nearly Perfect Reviews

by koku_jin
I salute anyone who’s made it their goal to start saving a little money. It’s no easy task and requires tons of discipline. Of course, sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun it just means you have to be smart about it like hitting up happy hour for half-price appetizers or putting those grocery coupons to good use so you can still snag your favorite brie for wine night. And if you’re smart, you don’t even have to totally forego shopping, as proven by these products on Amazon under $20. Yep: I’ve sifted through thousands of […]

The Productivity Killer: Fundamentals For Fighting Makeshift Marketing With Libby Hall From Unearth [AMP 142]

by koku_jin
CoSchedule surveyed more than 3,000 marketers, and the results are in! Marketers want to publish more, complete everything on time, and prove their value to stakeholders. So, why do some marketers still use single-function tools, multiple platforms, and spreadsheets? These workarounds strangle your productivity and prevent you from reaching your goals. How can you overcome the madness of makeshift marketing? Today’s guest is Libby Hall, vice president of client services at Unearth, a digital public affairs agency. Libby describes how she found success despite makeshift marketing and shares suggestions on team development and project management. [podcast_motor_player] Some of the highlights […]

Death Stranding releases this November!

by koku_jin
Kojima’s first independent game is just as weird and mysterious as you thought it’d be. If you don’t know who Hideo Kojima is, it’s time to pay attention. He’s the creator of the world-renowned Metal Gear franchise, known best for his works with the mainline series Metal Gear Solid. Well, he left Konami, the company that controls the Metal Gear IP, and is now doing his own thing under independent label Kojima Productions. Their first work is Death Stranding, a forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive that not even Kojima himself can easily explain. Here’s everything we know about it so far. […]