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The Ultimate Guide to Building Muscle Fast (Training & Workouts)

by koku_jin
So you want to build muscle like this guy? (Leopard print unitard optional but encouraged) Well you’ve come to the right place! As part of our Strength Training 101 series, we’ll provide a step by step guide that everyone can follow to build muscle and strength. Even your grandma! We’ll explore: How do you build muscle? What’s a sample routine for muscle training? How many sets and reps should I do? Muscle training weightlifting tips. What’s the proper diet to gain muscle? Calculating calorie consumption to build muscle and strength. Will I get too bulky lifting weights?  Can you lose […]

How to Stretch Correctly (4 Routines to Try)

by koku_jin
Today, you’re going to learn how to stretch. If your warm-up is the appetizer, and your workout is the main course, than the post-work stretch is your dessert. Sure, you can NOT eat dessert…but that will make your night feel incomplete. And not stretching – especially after a strength based workout – could be cutting your progress short! In this guide, we’ll share why you should NOT stretch before your workout, but you SHOULD stretch after your training, I’ll also provide you with video instructions for multiple routines to try out! Because I’m nice like that. Also, if you’re stretching as part […]