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13 Ways to Develop Self-Directed Learning and Learn Faster

by koku_jin
Learning all alone is not a simple task. It takes trying out new study methods, knowing how you learn, and the motivation to keep doing that. While this all sounds simple on paper, it’s important to note people’s overall mood towards learning. For many people, it’s been years since they last picked up a book, let alone a textbook. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people stopped learning seriously after university or college. It’s good now that you are focusing on your learning anew. Because once you delve into what learning is, you’ll realize how school learning wasn’t the most […]

Why I Recommend the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program

by koku_jin
I recently told someone in an interview that if I were king or President or someone in charge, I would hire thousands of health coaches and put them in every hospital. In fact, one of the best decisions we ever made at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine was to hire a team of health coaches. They are the ones who help my patients stay on track when they have to make big lifestyle changes.  Studies have actually shown that working with a health coach can help people make sustainable and long-lasting changes. And here’s the reason why: everybody […]

4 Excellent Email Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits

by koku_jin
Published April 2016, updated July 2019 When you think of your nonprofit organization, the first question that comes to mind probably isn’t this: “How am I going to raise awareness through effective email marketing strategies?”  But maybe it should be. While this question may not feel like the most pressing initially, there are some important reasons why it is. Through the , you will be able to reach more individuals, get more press, raise extra funds for your cause, attract talented board members, find volunteers that will help you grow, and, ultimately, accomplish your goals. In this post, we’ll share must-know […]