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Build-Outs Of Summer: Littlefoot Coffee Roasters In Grandville, MI

by koku_jin
It’s not everyday that a coffee brand up and moves their entire operation 200 miles into another state, on the other side of Lake Michigan no less. But that’s exactly what Littlefoot Coffee Roasters did. Now of Grandville, Michigan, owners Rosie Quasarano and Alex Burbo started Littlefoot in Chicago, renting roasting time at Metric Coffee, where Burbo was then employed. But after a few years, their plans to move back to their home state finally came to fruition. We previously spoke with Burbo about Littlefoot as part of our nano-roaster feature series Going Somewhere Solo, where he discussed the brand’s […]

Endless Exodus: Faculty of Color Leave the Academy in Search of Fulfillment

by koku_jin
Like many youngsters of color in low-income, crime-challenged communities, Dr. Andre M. Perry found his way up and out through education. The Pittsburgh native earned a series of degrees that helped him achieve his goal of serving on a college faculty, but he eventually left the academy to better make the kind of impact on public policy that he feels is part of his calling. “Many people go into academe wanting to make a tremendous impact in society,” says Perry. “But when you’re in it, you see the limitations on making substantive change. You can influence researchers and thinkers and […]

5 Habits that Productive People Do Before Bedtime

by koku_jin
You’re reading 5 Habits that Productive People Do Before Bedtime, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Do your evenings tend to slip by too quickly? If you want to maximize and become productive in the last hours of your day without burning yourself out, then choose to view your evening as the launch pad of your tomorrow. What you do in the evening sets the stage for what you do tomorrow and how successful you will be. Here are five keys to help […]