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When opportunity knocks, grab your chance

by koku_jin
As Marble LDN reaches its sixth birthday we’ve been reflecting on what has been the biggest year for the business so far, and how the preparation in the early stages of our growth enabled us to flexibly scale up our small business to be able to jump on these big opportunities when they came knocking.  We recently delivered a game changing project, the type that validates and fulfills the very reason we created our business. This huge event delivered for us in many ways: recognition within our industry, financial stability, growth (both within the events industry and within our core […]

How to Set a Business Growth Goal (And Why You Should Have One)

by koku_jin
  Within the business world—and life in general—planning isn’t exactly a sexy topic. It’s not something we look forward to, like increasing conversion rates or boosting traffic. It’s boring. But it’s important. How do you plan for the growth of your business? How do you plan to bring in more revenue? An important step in increasing your business is to create an annual growth plan. And the first step in creating an annual growth plan is setting a growth goal. It may sound odd to do this early in the process—if the whole idea is to do some growth planning, […]

HR specialists reveal 8 employee retention strategies

by koku_jin
Employee retention strategies are critical to the health of your company. This is particularly true for smaller businesses, which often don’t have the luxury of employing multiple people in the same role. Every team member is essential.  Having a strong team can give you the confidence necessary to drive your business forward. When a star employee submits their two-week notice, that momentum is shattered.  This can leave you wondering what you could have done, if anything, to keep that employee from looking elsewhere. Think about it: When was the last time you focused on how to better retain your employees? […]

How to Use Customer Journey Mapping to Transform Frustration Into Conversion

by koku_jin
One of the biggest problems faced by businesses and brands is that they see their product from their own perspective; they’re too obsessed with the bells-and-whistles of the backend, and neglect to consider customer experience. Customer Journey Mapping is fundamentally designed to address that – to give companies the ability to get a customer’s eye view of the user experience and to heed off problems as a result. This has two main benefits for business: Tailoring your UX more for the consumer, giving them a better all-around experience. Losing fewer customers as they engage with your brand (and therefore increasing […]

Take Charge of Your Business: Set SMART Goals

by personal development journalist
Setting clear goals for your company is a key business performance strategy. They should serve as the foundation of your original business plan and the compass for your organization as it moves forward. The most effective goals create clarity of purpose and outline objectives to strive for. To set the right goals for your company, use SMART, a powerful mnemonic for Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, and Time-bound. 1. Specific To be practical, business goals must be clearly defined. The easiest way to make them specific is by answering the basics of “how”, “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why”. 2. […]