How to Set the Perfect Goal

by koku_jin

post we discussed the criteria that for goals that cause you to
change your behavior enough to attain them
.  I promised that
in this post I would share what makes a goal “perfect” – one
that you want to achieve, you can achieve, and it transforms your
life for the better. 

You might have heard about my Author Apprentice platform. 
It’s a one-year mentoring where I’m coaching the participants
on writing an extraordinary book.  The first module involves
creating the concept and the Table of Contents (TOC).  That tells
us what the book is going to be about and gives the roadmap of
where the writer will go with it.  I have to greenlight the TOC
before the author can start writing the book.

Of the seven people in the program there were five that I
rejected their first version of the TOC, because I felt the book
they would create with it wouldn’t be as good as they are.  The
other two participants submitted TOCs that were as good as they
are.  And I rejected them as well…


Because the standard I have set for this program is that each
author must write a book that is better than they are. Meaning that
writing the book will force them to grow – and become a better
version of themselves.

And that is the standard I’m suggesting you use to
create the perfect goal for you. 

Yes, you should set goals worthy of you.  But the perfect goal
is one that forces you to become more.   You goals force you to
become more, so your next goals are set higher, you become yet
better, and it is an endless progression.  One that leads to
becoming the highest possible version of yourself.

You up for that?


P.S. to my fellow Americans, Happy Labor Day. 
And for everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian, please stay

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