Why I Recommend the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program

by koku_jin

I recently told someone in an interview that if I were king or President or someone in charge, I would hire thousands of health coaches and put them in every hospital. In fact, one of the best decisions we ever made at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine was to hire a team of health coaches. They are the ones who help my patients stay on track when they have to make big lifestyle changes. 

Studies have actually shown that working with a health coach can help people make sustainable and long-lasting changes. And here’s the reason why: everybody needs a buddy. Every person that I know who has made significant and successful changes, whether it be in health, fitness, finance, or relationships, has worked with a coach. This person is there to cheer you on, keep you accountable, and help you create a plan to reach your goals. 

Right now, you might be realizing that health coaching is the career path you’ve been looking for, that would finally allow you to use your passion for health and wellness to help others. However, becoming an amazing coach and helping people reach their fullest potential starts with getting the best training. 

My friend and colleague Chris Kresser has a world-class Health Coach Training Program (HCTP), called ADAPT, that teaches prospective coaches how to cultivate the best practices available when it comes to supporting clients and helping people reach their health goals. 

Chris Kresser is the person I turn to when I want the most up to date research, and he is one of the most respected Functional Medicine clinicians in the world. I trust Chris’s experience and in-depth knowledge of Functional Medicine, which is why I think his program is so valuable. 

Why I recommend ADAPT HCTP

The ADAPT training is a level up from the other programs out there for many reasons. 

Some online programs expect you to learn independently, just by watching slideshows and reading books. The ADAPT HCTP, on the other hand, provides experiential, hands-on training so you can immediately put what you learn into practice, and graduate with experience and confidence. You’ll get plenty of feedback, supervision, and support.

Kresser Institute is the only organization in the world that offers both a health coach certification and a Functional Medicine training program for doctors and other licensed clinicians, which means you get an incredible professional network within the ADAPT HCTP, too. 

What makes ADAPT the best training program for health coaches?

Chris designed ADAPT to provide the most comprehensive education for aspiring coaches. In it, you’ll learn:

The Art & Practice of Coaching: Core coaching skills, motivational interviewing, stages of change, positive psychology, goal setting, and accountability.
Functional Health: The basic principles of Functional Medicine, ancestral diet and lifestyle fundamentals, diet variations (keto, AIP, Paleo, etc.), and more. 
Business and Professional Development: Design your career as a health coach, collaborate with doctors and clinicians, and clarify your vision and niche.

Is ADAPT the right program for you?

Do you want to share the wisdom and experience you’ve gained through your own health journey? Are you passionate about Functional Medicine and ready to take the next step toward a career in this growing field? Have you been looking for an extensive education in wellness that is flexible and accessible, even for those with a busy schedule? Then the answer is yes, ADAPT is a great program for you. 

ADAPT utilizes the power of community to help you reach your goals. This program features engaging live sessions (webinars, group and individual coaching, and Q&As) that allow you to interact in real-time with faculty, mentor coaches and TAs, and your fellow students. Plus, you can access it from anywhere in the world!

How long does the ADAPT program take?

The ADAPT Health Coach Training Program is a 12-month, online certification program. With a world-class faculty, a focus on practical application, and a supportive community of international students, ADAPT HCTP gives you the tools you need to build a thriving health coaching career in just one year.

Learn more about career opportunities for health coaches, whether health coaching may be a good fit for you, and what to look for in a health coach training program by attending this free health coaching webinar with Mark Hyman and Chris Kresser.

If you’re interested in feeling great about your line of work and helping others thrive, I hope you’ll check out the ADAPT program and help me change the future of medicine for the better. 

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

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