Your Greatest Reward…

by koku_jin

Please imagine a few possible scenarios for yourself….

You desire to write a bestselling book.  You take writing
courses, attend workshops, and work on honing your craft.  You
write every day for months and months.  Finally, you start your
book and after months of hard effort complete it.  It gets
accepted by a publisher and it debuts on the New York Times
bestseller list! That isn’t your greatest reward…

You know you need to lose 15 or 20 pounds.  You’ve known it
for a long time.  Finally, you’re fed up.  (Literally and
figuratively.)  You make a plan.  Hire a trainer, start shopping
mindfully, eat and drink healthy, exercise every day, and you reach
your goal.  You’re in the best shape of your life.  That
isn’t your greatest reward…

In your 40s or 50s you decide you want to learn a second
language.  But it’s tough at that age.  You wish you would have
done it when you were younger.  But you persevere anyway.  You
download the Duolingo app or
hire a tutor and practice your new language every day.  Join a
language study group.  And about a year later, you’re actually
fluent in your new language.  It opens you up to a new world of
people, culture and experiences. That isn’t your greatest

The rewards you get from success are great.  The rewards you
get from setting a difficult goal for yourself and then achieving
it are even greater.  But the greatest reward is…

Who you become.

– RG

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