The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Quora Promoted Answers

by koku_jin

Back in October 2018,
Ads announced three new betas
were going to be added to the
platform: CPM bidding, Auction Insights, and Promoted Answers.
Promoted Answers caught my eye because I loved the mix of organic
and paid marketing. If you or other members of your team have
crafted amazing content that could help out a lot of people, you
can now promote your awesome content to a wider audience on Quora.
Almost think of it as the Quora Ads version of a boosted post.
Also, you may be able to rely on people outside your company to
write the answers for you. (Teaser alert! I’ll explain this very

In this guide, I’ll show you what Promoted Answers are and how
you can use them to increase brand awareness and build authority in
your industry.

What are Promoted Answers?

I am not going to say Quora is just a Q&A site, but if I had
to give a simple explanation of what Quora is, I’d say that
Q&A is the main bulk of the site’s content.

With the Promoted Answers ad type, advertisers now have the
opportunity to push a question to the top of the page—which will,
of course, also push your answer to the top of the page, too. Users
can start reading the answer, then click a “more” link to read
your entire answer if they choose.

Quora Promoted Answers

Image via Quora

When Quora announced this new feature was out of beta and ready
for everyone, it recommended the kind of answers that advertisers
should boost: “Choose high quality answers that adhere to our

content policy guidelines
.” With this new format, your
answers are more than just answers. They are now treated as a
landing page if the quality of the content is high enough, and to
get the most out of your Promoted Answers, you want top-notch
quality (more on this in a minute).

If you already know you have great answers you would like to
promote, let’s now go through the setup, which is going to be a
lot easier than you think.

How to set up your Promoted Answers campaign

Advertisers can start creating a campaign and ad set like they
normally do. You can still choose to select a campaign to push
conversions, traffic, or awareness. (Note: App install objectives
are not an option, but that’s an obvious reason why.) Once we get
to the ad set level, the targeting options advertisers have for
Promoted Answers are the same for any other type of ad set you may
want to create. (Here is a list of the
targeting options on Quora Ads
if you are new to the

The only component of this type of campaign that is truly
different is the ad creative, and advertisers don’t have to put
in much effort to create a Promoted Answer.


After you select the “Promote an Answer” ad format, and
enter your business name, you’ll have to find the URL for your
answer. The key part right there is answer URL. Not question URL.
So what’s the difference?

Promoted Answer example

To find the answer URL, go to the page where your answer is.
Underneath your answer, you’ll see a date of when that question
was answered. Well, that date is clickable. Click on it, and a new
window tab will open. This new page will only have your answer, and
the URL for this new tab is what you’ll need to enter into your
ad creation.

Wasn’t there a recent update to Promoted

Why, yes there was, astute PPC marketer! On March 21, 2019,
an easier way to promote answers without ever having
to go within the ads interface. If you are looking at certain
answers you wrote within the Quora interface, and you can now click
on the ellipsis icon “…” and select “Promote” to begin setting up
a new Promoted Answers campaign.


Now, you may be thinking, “Can I only do this for the answers I
write?” Great question! And the answer to that one is no! You can
promote any answer on Quora: It doesn’t have to be your own. Why
is this an option? If your company sets up the ad account, but your
employees (most likely the real knowledge experts in the field) are
answering the questions, it’s still beneficial for your brand to
make sure the people representing you are getting top exposure. I’m
also of the personal belief that an answer is more believable
coming from a person instead of a company account. Again, that is
just my personal belief, but you can test it for yourself.

How to promote great answers

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t want to promote just any
old answer: You want to promote the best answer possible to promote
brand awareness or drive conversions. But how can you promote great
answers? In my opinion it all depends on a few key things:

 The quality of the answer
What are your current customers looking for
What type of traffic can you get from your questions
Who has the authority to write the answer.

Don’t worry—this isn’t as complicated as it seems. Let me
show you a few scenarios where different types of answers could be
worthwhile to promote.

Showcase authority
DuckDuckGo CEO's Promoted Answer

How awesome is this? The CEO and Founder of DuckDuckGo is
answering questions about his own product. There is probably no one
better to answer questions about DuckDuckGo than the CEO and
Founder of DuckDuckGo. If your brand name is a topic and you can
see several people asking questions about your brand (more common
on Quora than you think), then try and get answers posted from high
authorities in your company.

Let me flip the scenario around to talk about a different
strategy. Maybe you have a competitor that has bigger brand
recognition than you. And maybe that brand has a topic on Quora
that gets a good amount of questions and traffic. You can create a
campaign targeting the Topics or Interests of your competitors,
then promote an answer to them to showcase why your brand could be
the better choice. Depending on what questions and answers are out
there, this could be a good tactic to use for getting in front of
the right audience and trying to win over new customers.

Bring in the experts
expert answers

I’ve had many types of clients in all different types of
industries. I consider myself a PPC expert. However, I will never
consider myself the expert in every industry my clients work in. So
if my client worked in electronic engineering, and I saw a question
on Quora asking, “What is this digital spike filter called,” I
couldn’t answer that question. Ever. But you know who could? An
engineer who actually does the work. These could be great answers
to promote if you have a staff on hand who can answer the harder,
more in-depth technical questions your audience could be

This example I used is a very specific one, but this strategy
can be used for almost any industry out there. There are a variety
of ways different levels of employees from your company can help
potential customers on the Quora platform. We already saw how
having an authority figure like a CEO can be a good influence. Your
product developers can help answer specific questions about what
you offer that your marketing or content team may not be able to
answer as well. What about your sales team? What questions do they
typically get from prospects or qualified leads? Even if your sales
team doesn’t want to answer questions on Quora, they are still a
valuable asset to find the right questions to answer. Remember, you
can use the other teams in your company to be the industry experts
and build more authority for your company.

Let your fans speak for you
organic Quora Promoted Answer example

Sometimes people like to hear answers from users like them and
not from the brand. The believability can be higher when users see
organic answers from other people, and it doesn’t feel like
brands aren’t writing answers saying they’re the best. So let
your current customers speak for you. If fans are writing great
answers touting your products, you can promote these organic
answers to help influence new users to purchase your product.

I can’t say there is one sure route to go in choosing the best
answer to promote. You’ll have to decide the best strategy for
yourself. It will all depend on what industry your company or
client is in. But you’ll always want to consider if the goal of
your campaign is to build awareness or try and push more
conversions. And hopefully these few examples will give you some
new ideas to test in your Promoted Answers campaigns.

Start promoting your great content

The answers your company puts on Quora could be written by the
PPC team, your organic team, your social team, or maybe a valuable
member in the company’s industry. If you have valuable
content that can help a lot of your potential customers, start
promoting those answers. If you are spending the time to
write the content, do whatever you can to make sure it reaches as
many of the right users as possible whether the questions get a lot
of traffic or not. Test out this new ad format and boost your brand
perception on Quora.

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