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How to Smash Your Ambitious Goal in 30 Days

by personal development journalist
You can do incredible things in 30 days. Many of us only do a fraction of what is possible because of our thinking, our planning, and the obstacles that throw us off course. But what if you could plan for all that? Last month, I challenged myself to accomplish an ambitious goal in 30 days. Without any idea how I’d do it, I challenged myself to make an extra $1,000 in one month. I used 6 simple steps to get me to my goal. The result? I didn’t just hit it, I smashed it. I made more than $1,500 in […]

Not Doing That Thing? You Need Desire, Competence, and Capacity

by personal development journalist
Frustrated things aren’t getting done? Consider my Desire, Competence, and Capacity model. (larger) Frustrated that an employee isn’t completing their important assignments? Or maybe you’re the one struggling as the overloaded agency leader? Perhaps you’ve told someone—or yourself—“Just do it!” That’s a good slogan for Nike, but it’s not good advice for the chronically stuck. Running an agency is more complicated than following a reductive sports slogan—but you can solve this, with the right approach! To get unstuck, use my agency consulting model for troubleshooting a “not done” situation: Desire, Competence, and Capacity. Three Requirements to Get Things Done When […]