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The Audacity to Dream

by personal development journalist
When our elected leaders’ actions fail to inspire us, wherever we live in the world, it’s far easier to unconsciously cast a new vote against them by refusing to engage with life. We withdraw and retreat in protest. But what would happen if we instead allowed current circumstances to rekindle the fire of our inspiration? If we saw them as a call to arms to find our own leadership and dream anew? Indeed, so much of true leadership is vision and dreaming. It’s not a well-crafted mission statement that gathers dust on the boardroom wall. No, it’s a living, breathing, […]

How Intrinsic Employee Motivation Will Help You Build Your Dream Team

by personal development journalist
Photo courtesy of Unsplash It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is. Without a driven team behind it, you will not succeed. And times are tough for companies looking to hire. Competition is high for finding and retaining those star employees that will set your business apart. Now, more than ever, it has become critical for companies to engage and excite their employees (both current and potential). With new generations entering the workforce, the issue of employee motivation has become especially salient. Skilled employees have no shortage of work options, so why should they choose to dedicate themselves […]

Developing Mental Toughness, With Peter Clough

by personal development journalist
How many times have you heard phrases like “it’s tough at the top” or “you need a thick skin to survive here”? It would seem that the business world is no place for sensitive people, or anyone lacking in self-confidence. But even if you’re not the most assertive person in the room, you can still develop skills and traits to give you the assertiveness and resilience to ensure that your voice is heard, and that your individual strengths are not lost amidst the “corporate cloning” of organizations. Mental toughness in the workplace and performance in high-pressure environments are subjects that […]